Artist Bios


Artist Bios



Anatopia is an ecstatic blast of well-crafted raw energy made of Henrietta Morgenstern & Klaus Plotzlisch. A duo band, love affair, freak show, intergalactic cabaret, punk concert, science fiction film and a multitask juggling act.


Antoin O’Heocha

O’Heocha’s works advance an alternative materiality of the improvised, re-cycled and re-configured, contrasting the prevalent quasi-organic ‘functional’ aesthetic of much that surrounds us. The ubiquity of iMac-esque styling in manufactured products, implies the capitalist condition as a given, that consumption and ownership of such artefacts are a part of ‘natural’ order of things and is an extension of ones being and identity.


Antje Rieck

Antje Rieck was born in Ulm, Germany in 1970 and received her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. She has used her mastery in organic materials such as marble, wood and stone to investigate the structure with and around space, formed by the biography of the social fabric. Additionally, she explores a variety of mediums to develop her work including, photography, video, digital animation, performance and site-specific installations. Through her artistic process, she gives voice to a material musicality in its various forms corresponding to the several layers of perception she experiences. Rieck refers to these layers of perception as ‘experimental fields’ or ‘playing fields’. These fields influence her to create a visible geographical reference to the imaginary of the infinite.

Her work has been exhibited internationally including a solo show at Foundation Mario Merz, Turin, a public commission Installation in Memory to the Martyrs of the Fosse Ardeatine, Rome, 2006, GLASSTRESS. la Biennale di Venezia, 54. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte, Venice, 2011. Additionally, her work housed in a number of private collections in Germany, Italy, France Switzerland, Russia and the USA as well as publicly commissioned works.


Benni Bosetto

Benni Bosetto’s work moves on thin, fragile and almost imperceptible lines, small movements of small actions. Narrations appearing small and abstract which place the man and the observer in an indefinite, uncertain, unstable, grotesque and surreal situation. She highlights the internal dynamics of conflict in which reflections about opposition such as tradition and modernity, action and contemplation, nature and tamed culture appear. Her poetic approach stops time in a surreal space, traveling to imaginary places, and different cultures, far from our time and our space.


CLUSTER BOMB [collective]

CLUSTER BOMB [collective] are contemporary performing artist collective, established in 2009 at Dartington College of Arts incorporating University College Falmouth, who specialise in devising contemporary performances evolving out of a cross-disciplinary, collaborative process. The [collective] are based in London, where they are current studio artists at ]performance s p a c e [, the UK’s only performance art specific gallery and artist-led non-profit organisation.

The [collective] work with a wide variety of international artist, all of whom have a strong background in the contemporary performance fields of theatre, choreography, writing, visual, digital, video and sonic arts.

The [collective] have developed performance projects on both a national and international level, and have been supported by Artsadmin, Battersea Arts Centre, Anolfini Bristol, University College Falmouth, ]performance s p a c e [, and Kunstfabrik/Flutgraben e.V, Berlin.


Corin Arnold (ED2000)

London Born in 1957, left School in 1971, joined a post punk band in 1977, started Djing in 1980, moved from London to Berlin in 1989.
He has fulfilled in excess of 4000+ engagements taking in Club, Chill Out, Rave, Festival & Art focused Events, locally, nationally & internationally.

An Australian Government backed group, documenting Contemporary Creative Subculture in Berlin in the early 1990’s labeled him a Change Agent. He experiments in combining essential elements of all the above with aspects of his 20-year long now interest, in Belief Systems. By the transfer of Knowledge via Sound & Gesture, & across Time & Space, Transformation may occur in individuals exposed to this knowledge, self love & a greater understanding of both ourselves & our environment may take place, leading us towards the ultimate goal of Illumination.


Dana Sederowsky

Swedish video performance artist and photographer. Sederowsky received her MFA from The University of Gothenburg and a BFA in Photography. She works with video performance to investigate language through linguistic exercises, speech-acts and phonological experiments, positioning herself directly in the lens, face to face with the viewer. Focusing on the process of using speech and how words are delivered, often through repetition and defragmentation, she explores language not simply as a means of communication but also as a poetic and formal device. Sederowsky’s work has been exhibited widely including shows at The Hasselblad Center and Goteborg Konsthall, Gothenburg Sweden; Museo de La Ciudad, Queretaro Mexico; The Bow Arts Trust, London UK, BALTIC Center for Contemporary Art, Newcastle UK and The National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia.


Daniel Permanetter
Permanetter studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. He primarily produces brooding videos and room-encompassing installations.

He has recieved various prices for his work, including: Auszeichnung des Akademievereins München (2008), Winner of Start Point 2008, Selection of the Best Graduate Works of European Art Schools (2008), Katalogförderung, Debutanten 2009, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst (2009), Stipendium für Bildende Kunst 2009, Landeshauptstadt München (2009), Bursary by the DAAD for New York City 2011 (2010), Scholarship by the Erwin und Gisela von Steiner-Stiftung (2010),  and a bursary for International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) (2011).
There are no dependable records about the relationship between Robert Allen Zimmerman (*1941 alias Bob Dylan) and Daniel Permanetter (*1977 ). In the videos (amongst others „My 115th Dream“, 2008 and „The Beauty Parlor“, 2010) the two meet again and again in short, everyday settings. On a bus, in a movie theater, without converging in any plausible way. What interlinks the two is something deeply human. The impossibility to let off expressing your own observations and to deal with the great and finally unanswered questions of live, love, beauty and death by telling stories. Inexhaustible questions on which Bob Dylan commented almost without exception at least once in a pointed way.

[by Stefanie Manthey]


Dirk Krechting

Krechting  interacts with themes, spaces, people and dreams that pop up in his daily life. In his multimedia installations Krechting connects themes of the contemporary state with his irrational inner perceptions. Often his work is created on the premise that it’s inherent story balances in a rather mental free zone, a dreamlike, absurd, associative and humorous state where there is no good or bad, right our wrong. Krechting often works with materials and objects commonly recognized as societal tools we build and live with every day.



Dead Chickens, Metalldesigner- und künstler, Performance,Installation,Skulpturen, Brunnen, Monster,,  Gartentore. In Antagonismus zum Terminus Soft Art subsumieren sich KAIs Objekte problemlos unter dem der Hard Art.

KAI, 1966, berlin.

METALartist / kinetik / sculpture / designer/ installation / performance/ monster art work / creator of: HARD ART.

FORMER / Owner: Eschschloraque, Dead Chickens.


Kian Lian

Born in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, is a self-taught artist working in the fields of conceptual arts and urban interventions. In 2002, after completing a degree in Bachelor of Architecture in Melbourne Australia, he worked as an architect in Germany and P. R. China, since 2010 he has been based in Berlin.  The work of Kian Lian consists of drawings with florescent acrylic paint and fine line ink pen on water colour paper, they had been presented in an urban context as form of street art. He explores in his work, the emotional connections and memory of his loss twin brother due to twin embolisation syndrome(also known as vanishing twin syndrome) before child birth.


Mad Kate | the Tide

Together,the Tide on guitar, loops, electronics andMad Kate singing, speaking and screaming and moving—grace the stage and touch their audience as they practice ALIVEness: queering our self- understanding in a global context in order to be more effective activists and global citizens.


Nelly Hakkarainen



Nika Radic

Nika Radić is a visual artist and, although her media change, the main interest in her work remains communication and modes of representation in contemporary culture. She has graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and in art history from the University of Vienna. She sometimes writes about art, but works mainly as a visual artist.


Pepe Roncino

Joseph Patricio (b. 1981, Manila) makes art of the social, encountering his ‘work’ within the potentials of shared rituals, and engaging in creative ways to relate with the other. He operates within the intersections of contemporary art practices, daily social life, nomadism, creation of affects, cooking and the search of the shaman within.


Peter Schütze

Peter Schütze was born on March 12, 1985 in Berlin-Pankow. At present, he lives in the borough of Friedrichshain. He works as a dental technician and as an independent artist at KAI’s metal workshop. His creations were presented to the public for the first time at “Werkschau 2012/13” and at “Box32” in 2013. In the course of time, Peter successfully refined his skills in sculpting and in jewelry design. His incentives are mainly his love for arts and crafts as well as the chance to broaden his artistic horizon beyond his professional routine. He regards the Teufelsberg project as a great source of inspiration and a welcome opportunity to cooperate with the various other artists involved.


Ursula Heinzelmann

Ursula Heinzelmann, born in Berlin in 1963, is a freelance German food and wine writer, a sommelière and a gastronome. She was a good cook before she had learned to read, according to a radio interview on HR2-Kultur, and she was a practitioner before she began to write about food: from 1986 to 1991 she ran a small hotel and restaurant on the shores of Lake Constance, and soon afterwards a delicatessen in Berlin specializing in fine French cheeses and wines. She has twice been awarded the annual Sophie Coe Prize in Food History at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery, most recently in 2006. In 2008 she won the Prix du Champagne Lanson for her wine journalism on Slow Food Magazine.

In English she has written a book-length survey of German food, Food Culture in Germany, published by Greenwood Press in 2008. In Germany, however, she is best known for her series of three books on real and traditional food, beginning with Erlebnis Essen (2006). This includes a comparative tasting of top quality French and German butter in which the renowned appellation d’origine protégée butter of Isigny-Sainte-Mère met strong competition. The series continues with Erlebnis Kochen (subtitled “Manifesto for a cuisine without recipes”: 2007). The third volume, Erlebnis Käse und Wein (2009), takes the form of a “voyage of discovery”, an exploration of German cheese, German wine and how well the two go together. She and her husband, the wine journalist Stuart Pigott, took up the same theme in illustrated articles for the popular magazine Für Sie, “Cheese and Wine from Germany” and “Cheese and Wine Ideas”.


DJ Vela

Wandering through different Art-forms (Painting, Avant-Garde Performance Art, Costume, Graphic Design, Experimental Music), Vela finally decided to  surrender to her love of Dance Music and make her strong-hold in Djing  and has stayed true to it since 1998. Resident in Berlin’s clubs Tresor, Solar and Eschschloraque; frequently performing at Fusion Festival and playing across Europe, in India, Japan, USA, Brazil, UK… Her gigs have given her a lot of wonderful Music experiences, which she transports into her compositions, both as a Producer and Remixer of  Electronic dance tracks and as the Music Director and Composer for different Theatre performances in some of the major Theatre houses of Germany – GRIPS Theatre (Berlin), Wintergarten (Berlin), Saarlaendische Staatstheater  (Saarbruecken), Comoedie (Dresden)…

Her dance tracks have come out on Dangerous Drums Recordings, Moving Target Records and Pale Music, a remix she did for ADIDAS was used in their advertising campaign for the football WC 2006.

She runs a monthly radio show together with colleague Ann M Cazal on Berlin’s top station BLN FM and also the very successful (since 1999!) Dangerous  Drums party series, together with Ed2000.



: the free dancer based on Berlin
: I began to dance on the street since 2007.
: I am pursuing certain pure dance.
: I disavow the choreographical concept in dance. Dance is the most free form ever imagined.
: I try to be true to the freedom of the primal dance so train myself to dance all movement as a complete single sequence dance. I wish to be free from being conscious of my dancing self.
: collaborating with Platoon Berlin _ on going project since 2012
: supported by Seoul Foundation Art and Culture
: living in HomeBaseLab residency_selected V 2013 spring session


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